Welcome to Cooking Guys

We hope you enjoy our cooking comments, tips and recipes. Cooking Guys is an Uncle/Nephew blog primarily designed for men who do a lot of cooking. We’re not trained chefs; most of our recipes, techniques and workarounds were developed from cooking and travel TV shows, recipes and our imaginations. We hope that what you read here will help you put a meal on the table in the simplest, best-tasting way possible.

We’ve organized our recipes in a way that helps you organize your work area before you start. And we list the ingredients in a logical work flow. For example, if a recipe calls for a tablespoon of chili powder and a tablespoon of oil, we’ll always list the chili powder first so you don’t have to wash the tablespoon between steps.

Everything you need for a recipe will be listed at the top, divided into what we call the “3 I’s”: Implements, Ingredients and Instructions. We include measuring cups and spoons, stirring spoons, knives, cutting boards, electronic gadgets — everything! All of the ingredients are listed, and measurements will be listed in lowest terms (4 tablespoons will be listed as 1/4-cup). Step-by-step instructions listed on separate bulletted lines; no more searching through endless paragraphs to find where you left off.

We’ll keep you updated with seasonal recipes, from major holidays to suggestions for “national (fill in the blank) day.”


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